• Support Job Seekers And Career Advancers By Donating To Goodwill® During The Give with Bing Fall Campaign

    Published Date:  2020-10-31  Source:  TELECOM-NEWS
    Locations:       Category:  Vendors    Score:  25
    Tags:  Microsoft; engine; OSS;

    ROCKVILLE, Md., Oct. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of people are out of work due to COVID-19. As the holiday season begins, people can help those who have lost their jobs and are looking for employment by supporting Goodwill using the Microsoft Bing search engine. Give with Bing is...

  • Indosat Ooredoo to Deploys Play2Pay's Gamified Payments Platform

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Myanmar; Poland;     Category:  Providers    Score:  15
    Tags:  OSS; Ooredoo; Play; payment platform; platform; OSS;

    Play2Pay, the global payments platform that gamifies payments, recently announced its partnership with Indosat Ooredoo, the leading digital telco in Indonesia. Through the strategic partnership, Indosat will

  • Ericsson Intros Cloud RAN Portfolio

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:       Category:  Vendors    Score:  10
    Tags:  Cloud; Ericsson;

    Ericsson announced Cloud RAN (Radio Access Network), a new offering to enable communications service providers to add greater flexibility and versatility to their networks. Cloud RAN by

  • DISH Selects DigitalRoute’s Cloud-native Usage Data Platform

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:       Category:  Standards    Score:  25
    Tags:  5G; platform; OSS;

    DISH on Thursday announced that it has chosen DigitalRoutes cloud-native Usage Data Platform to monetize new 5G services and complex business models. DigitalRoutes vendor-agnostic platform will seamlessly

  • Indosat Ooredoo to Deploy Play2Pay's Gamified Payments Platform

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Myanmar; Poland;     Category:  Providers    Score:  15
    Tags:  OSS; Ooredoo; Play; payment platform; platform; OSS;

    Play2Pay, the global payments platform that gamifies payments, recently announced its partnership with Indosat Ooredoo, the leading digital telco in Indonesia. Through the strategic partnership, Indosat will

  • Lufax Holding Ltd Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE2
    Locations:  China;     Category:  Software    Score:  20
    Tags:  platform; OSS;

    SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lufax Holding Ltd (Lufax or the Company), a leading technology-empowered personal financial services platform in China, today announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 175,000,000 American Depositary Shares (ADSs), each two ADSs representing one ordinary shar ...

  • Telefonica and Allianz form partnership to deploy fibre in Germany

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Germany;     Category:  Providers    Score:  40
    Tags:  FTTH; O2; Telefonica; broadband; consumer; fibre; fibre-to-the-home; fixed; insurance; internet; investment; merger; platform; telecom service provider; wholesale; OSS;

    Telefonica Deutschland has announced it has reached an agreement with the private equity arm of German insurer Allianz for the creation of a joint venture (JV) to deploy fibre-optic networks in Germany. The companies will each hold a 50% stake in the open-access wholesale operator, which will roll o ...

  • Bezeq secures West Bank licence after 35 years

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Israel; US;     Category:  Standards    Score:  25
    Tags:  3G; 4G; 5G; platform; OSS;

    Israeli telco Bezeq has reportedly secured a licence to operate in Area C of the West Bank after 35 years of illegal operation. US news agency Media Line notes that Israeli Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel granted Bezeq the concession on 18 October. With Palestinian operators still restricted t ...

  • Under Armour to sell MyFitnessPal for $345 million, after acquiring it in 2015 for $475 million

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:       Category:  Finance    Score:  25
    Tags:  investment; platform; OSS;

    Global fitness giant Under Armour announced this morning that it will be selling MyFitnessPal to investment firm Francisco Partners for $345 million, five and a half years after acquiring it for $475 million. The company also announced that it will be winding down the Endomondo platform which it als ...

  • Mambu Named to FinTech50 Hall of Fame for Consistent Innovation

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE2
    Locations:  US; Miami;     Category:  excludes    Score:  10
    Tags:  Cloud; Sky; banking; platform; OSS;

    MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- #HallofFame--Mambu, a cloud banking platform for banking and lending businesses, has been promoted to the Fintech50 Hall of Fame for its three-time inclusion on the annual list. The ranking highlights European companies that are leading the evolution of financial services ac ...

  • Del Rey Marketing Changes Name to Genesis, Unveils New Product

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE2
    Locations:  US; Los Angeles;     Category:  Software    Score:  60
    Tags:  Sky; activation; consumer; platform; OSS;

    LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--del Rey Marketing, Inc., creator of the APP>LESS digital platform, is proud to launch its new name and brand, Genesis. Genesis reflects the companys ambitions of creating new digital activation products that start with the consumer as well as the companys storied 25 ...

  • AT&T and IBM Offers Open Hybrid Cloud Services to Clients

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  TELECOMPETITOR
    Locations:  Puerto Rico;     Category:  Providers    Score:  15
    Tags:  AT&T; Cloud; IBM; application; satellite;

    AT&T and IBM Offers Open Hybrid Cloud Services to Clients Whats the news?IBM and AT&T will work together to help enterprises manage their applications hosted in hybrid cloud environments with IBM Cloud Satellite leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, over AT&T networks. By making it easier for b ...

  • What is Infrastructure 2.0 and why do we need it?

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  RCRWIRELESS
    Locations:       Category:  Standards    Score:  25
    Tags:  5G; platform; wireless; OSS;

    Qualcomm President: 5G requires infrastructure like weve never seen At Qualcomms annual 5G Summit, the company announced the expansion of its 5G RAN portfolio. The additions, which include the new Qualcomm Radio Unit, Distributed Unit and Distributed Radio Unit system-on-chip platforms, are all part ...

  • Big tech’s ‘blackbox’ algorithms face regulatory oversight under EU plan

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  TECHCRUNCH
    Locations:       Category:  Services    Score:  25
    Tags:  internet; platform; OSS;

    Major Internet platforms will be required to open up their algorithms to regulatory oversight under proposals European lawmakers are set to introduce next month. In a speech today Commission EVP Margrethe Vestager suggested algorithmic accountability will be a key plank of the forthcoming legislativ ...

  • Google Blocks No on Prop 24 Ads, Runs Yes on 24 Ads

    Published Date:  2020-10-30  Source:  TELECOM-NEWS
    Locations:       Category:  Software    Score:  25
    Tags:  engine; OSS;

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Google has repeatedly rejected attempts by Californians for Real Privacy No on Proposition 24 to place ads on its search engine. At the same time, Google has run ads for the Yes on Prop 24 campaign for months. "We are disappointed but...

  • Bahrain's BNET Deploys BearingPoint//Beyond's BSS/OSS on AWS

    Published Date:  2020-10-29  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:  Bahrain;     Category:  Software    Score:  35
    Tags:  AWS; BSS; broadband; wholesale; OSS;

    BearingPoint//Beyond on Wednesday announced that BNET, independent wholesale broadband provider in Bahrain has deployed both OSS and BSS systems powered by its cloud-native Infonova BSS. Built on

  • Infovista Supports Rakuten Mobile with Cloud-based 5G RAN Planning, Optimisation and Modelling

    Published Date:  2020-10-29  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:       Category:  Services    Score:  25
    Tags:  5G; cloud-based; mobile; platform; OSS;

    Infovista on Wednesday announced a successful collaboration with Rakuten Mobile that will deliver the first carrier-grade, cloud-based platform for radio network planning, optimisation and modelling to support

  • Rambus' New IPsec Packet Engine with Integrated DPDK Secures 5G Networking at 10 Gbps

    Published Date:  2020-10-29  Source:  POLICY-CHARGING
    Locations:       Category:  Standards    Score:  25
    Tags:  5G; engine; OSS;

    Rambus, a premier silicon IP and chip provider, on Tuesday announced the availability of a high-performance IPsec Packet Engine with integrated DPDK and companion key negotiation toolkit

  • Aternity and Juriba Partner to Drive Digital Transformation Success for the Enterprise in the “Next Normal”

    Published Date:  2020-10-29  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE2
    Locations:  UK; Cambridge;     Category:  Software    Score:  25
    Tags:  platform; OSS;

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aternity, the enterprise-class Digital Experience Management Company, announced today that it is partnering with Juriba, a leader in Enterprise IT migration software to improve the digital transformation experience for the enterprise. The combination of Aternity an ...

  • BT selects Ericsson as 5G RAN provider; publishes latest financials

    Published Date:  2020-10-29  Source:  TELEGEOGRAPHY
    Locations:  Sweden; UK; London;     Category:  Standards    Score:  15
    Tags:  4G; 5G; BT; Cloud; Ericsson; FTTP; mobile;

    BT has selected Swedens Ericsson as its 5G RAN provider in the four UK capitals London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast as well as a number of other major cities. In a press release regarding the development, Ericsson said the deal marked a significant strengthening in the BT-Ericsson strategic par ...

  • FileCloud Introduces Most Intuitive File-Sharing Experience Ever: FileCloud Aurora

    Published Date:  2020-10-29  Source:  BUSINESSWIRE
    Locations:       Category:  Services    Score:  25
    Tags:  mobile; platform; OSS;

    AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- #CJIS--FileCloud, a cloud-agnostic enterprise file sync, sharing and data governance platform, today launched FileCloud Aurora 20.2, the latest version of its secure enterprise product. Aurora introduces a gorgeous re-imagination of FileClouds browser, mobile and syn ...